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1. REFERENCE to “we”, “our” and/or “us” refer to the owners and/or agents only. “Lead Name”, “Renter” and “Guest” refers to the person making the reservation and occupying the villa for the duration of the rental period.


2a Reservations: Reservations will only be confirmed for available dates when a deposit has been received.

2a Provisional Bookings: A provisional booking will be deemed effective on receipt of a provisional confirmation notification. On acceptance of an offer of rental a provisional booking will remain open for a period of 7 working days from the date of the rental offer, being recorded in the provisional confirmation notification, to allow for receipt and bank clearance of the required booking deposit.

2b Short Notice Bookings: Bookings with an arrival date less than 8 weeks from the booking date are subject to the full payment being payable at the time of booking along with the security deposit.

2c Booking Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of GBP£100 per week or part thereof (for international currencies an exchange equivalent) is required to secure your booking.

2d The Contract: All correspondence must be via the lead name she/he must be over 18 years of age and is responsible for all payments.
Once the booking form is accepted by us and a deposit received, dates will be secured and a confirmation invoice returned to the lead name at the address or email address recorded on the booking form, this will form ‘The Contract’ between both parties.

2e Short Stay Bookings: Bookings for rental periods less than 7 days, when accepted, will be subject to an additional cleaning charge at current rates.

Note: A formal contract will only exist when a confirmation invoice is returned to the lead name. Please check your confirmation details carefully especially the due date of your balance, arrival and departure dates. The balance of your holiday booking will become payable 8 weeks before departure, if payment is not received on or before this date we reserve the right to cancel your booking with loss of deposit or at our discretion we may charge an administration fee for the continuation of the booking.


3a Payment: Posted cheques, deposit tickets (US only), bank transfers (UK, USA, International) and online payments are accepted as methods of payment. (See payment methods)

3b. Posted cheques/deposit ticket: Confirmation of a booking will be made when a cheque or deposit ticket is received and cleared through the banking system, the booking will remain provisional until this time.

3c. Bank transfer: Confirmation of a booking will be made when a bank transfer payment is received and cleared through the banking system, the booking will remain provisional until this time.

Note: A bank transaction fee may be charged for this facility.

3d. On-line payment: Confirmation of a booking will be made when an online PayPal payment is received and cleared through the banking system, the booking will remain provisional until this time.

Note: A bank transaction fee may be charged for this facility.

3e Final balance: payments should reach us for clearance 8 weeks prior to travel date (booking to travel date of 8 weeks or less, see item 2b) - unless written confirmation of alternative arrangements have been previously agreed by both parties. In all circumstances on receipt and clearance of final balance payments you will receive directions, villa access details and contact telephone numbers for the duration of your stay.


A security bond (deposit) is required as a pledge of faith at the time of the final balance payment, it is held by the Owner as a guarantee in the unlikely event of any loss or damage occurring during the rental period. The amount required is calculated dependant on the number of persons recorded on the guest register and the length of the recorded rental period, the actual security deposit remittance will be indicated on deposit, confirmation and final balance invoices it should be presented by one of the following methods:

4.1 Security Deposit Payment Methods:

A1 Cheque: The required sum should be forwarded with the final balance using an additional cheque.

B2 Bank transfer: The required sum will be added to your final balance

C3 On-line payment: The required sum will be added to your final balance.

4.3 Security Bond declaration: The 'lead guest' accepts that he/she is responsible for all loss or damage to the property or its' inventory during the rental period, whether intentional or unintentional, and that the Company or the Owner may deduct sums from the security bond to cover eventualities. E.g. Non-return of keys, damage to the property or its' equipment, loss or breakage of inventory items additional charges incurred for; early arrival or late departure, excessive cleaning, excessive use of utilities etc. this list is not finite.

Where loss or damage to the property, the inventory, or equipment etc. exceeds the amount of the security bond, the Company or the Owner is at liberty to invoice the lead name guest for the full amount, and the lead name guest agrees to pay all recorded costs.

In the event that the lead name guest fails to settle those costs the owner reserves the right to exercise any legal processes in pursuance of a full settlement including administration and legal costs.

Note: On all occasions an invoice(s) will be provided for any costs or repairs incurred external contractor and provider invoices will be presented where applicable. Where third party agencies are responsible for guest bookings all invoices and communication will be with the said third party agency.

4.3a Security Bond Returns: On satisfactory inspection of the villa on your departure the security bond will be returned, in all cases the return will be made in the form of a cheque for the amount due, unless otherwise agreed during the booking process. In all circumstances the security bond will be returned to the acknowledged correspondence address (indicated on the registration form) within 6 weeks of the departure date, less any transaction fees incurred via PayPal or bank transfer.

4.3b Failure to Comply: On occasions where the full remittance has not been met including security bond by the final invoice due date one ‘Final Invoice - reminder’ will be forwarded to the lead name for immediate attention. Failure to comply in full at this time may result in the termination of the agreement rendering the booking cancelled. Cancellation charges as detailed in, item 10 ‘Cancellation Charges’, below will apply.

Note: ‘We’ reserve the right without notice to change the key box access code prior to your arrival on such occasion where the contract is terminated for non-compliance within the terms of this section. In most instances where practicable the lead name will be instructed of this decision prior to travel dates.

4.3 On arrival: it is your responsibility to check the contents and condition of the villa and to report any discrepancies to the house manager. Loss or damage identified after your departure which has not been reported by you or previously logged by the house manager will be attributed to your stay and may result in an appropriate charge being released from your security deposit.

5. DATA PROTECTION: In order to process your booking we need to use the information you provide such as name, address, telephone or any special needs or requirements. We will only pass on the required information from the booking form to our management company to assist in verification purposes and assistance on your arrival, where necessary.

We may also use this information to offer you accommodation at a future date unless you specify otherwise on your booking form, we guarantee the information you provide will not be passed to any third party for advertising or other public notification. See privacy policy for more details

6. LIABILITY LIMITATIONS: We will not be held responsible for loss or delay howsoever caused beyond our control i.e.: strikes, riots, fire, war, threat of war, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, flight delays or cancellations, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, flood, car hire, transport problems of any kind and weather conditions.

 No liability is accepted by the Owner for loss of main services or failure of appliances, nor for the consequences of the actions or omissions of persons who may control supply of mains, nor any actions taken in the vicinity of the property by any authority over which there is no control by the Owner.

The villa is in a residential area and as such we cannot be held accountable for any noise from neighbours and/or nearby building work that may be on going (we will advise you of any condition which may adversely affect your stay as and when we are made aware of such) or any other event etc. (this list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive).


7.1 Occupancy: Only the persons named in the 'guest register' are allowed to reside within the villa during the agreed rental period, we require the completion of this form for the following reasons, known occupancy in case of an unforeseen emergency and identification information for our US management.

7.2 Smoking Policy: We would like to remind you - for the enjoyment of future guests this property has a strictly 'NO SMOKING POLICY' appertaining to all indoor areas, loss of security deposit resulting from this instruction being ignored, will be enforced.

7.3 Refuse Collection: Refuse/Garbage bins should be placed outside on the prescribed pick up day and once emptied returned to their original location as soon as practicable (during same day where possible), failure to comply may result in a fine being awarded by the home owner’s assurance and any charge of this nature will be deducted from the security deposit.

7.3 Damage or misuse: Any damage and/or breakage’s to property, fixtures, fittings, furniture, carpets (including any identified spillage), pool enclosure screens or otherwise, losses, excessive use of utilities and/or leaving the villa in such a condition where additional cleaning is required will incur compensation charges.

7.4 Pre-set units, appliances and equipment: Within the home the A/C unit, water heater, pool heater, pool timer, fridge freezer units as well as other ancillary equipment (see 5.2 below) have been pre-set to offer appropriate, comfortable and where applicable environmentally friendly conditions within the villa. We would appreciate that these units being pre-set should not be adjusted or tampered with in any way, if you require any alterations to be made contact the management company for advice. Tampering with the settings on any pre-set unit will be considered a wilful act of vandalism and charges may be applied.

Note: 'All incurred costs' will be made good from your security deposit along with an administration charge, if any loss or damage is in excess of the deposit an account will be sent to the correspondence address (indicated on the registration form) and will be due for immediate settlement by the lead name.

7.5 Entertainment Facilities: Use of TV, Telephone and PC these items are provided for the enjoyment of our guests, certain facilities are restricted.

I. The TV is restricted to Digital channel use all pay per view channels are blocked

II. The PC is set to parental control, access to WIFI high speed broadband is free

III. The telephone affords free local and national calls operator and all other services are blocked.

Note: Misuse of these items of equipment will result in item 7.3 being enforced.

8. PROPERTY SAFETY AND SECURITY: The home and its contents are provided to afford you a high standard of living during your stay in a relaxing environment, compliance with the following is essential to ensure your safety and security is maintained.

8.1 Pool maintenance: is undertaken by a responsible person, however, it is a private pool offered to you for your use during your stay and therefore unsupervised, use of the pool and pool deck during your stay is your sole responsibility, read the pool rules on the pool deck wall and for your safety adhere to them.

8.1.1 Use of the pool: is at your own risk, no diving is permitted and guests are specifically informed: Children less than 16 years of age must be supervised by an adult in the pool and on the pool deck at all times.

8.1.2 Pool security screen: must be placed in its secure upright position on those occasions when the pool is not in use and prior to vacation of the villa.

8.1.3 Pool Heating:

A: Pool heating is set above 80oF this is provided on request only and there is a nominal charge set at a daily rate to cover electricity charges for this service, please note there may be times during winter months, December to February, where ambient temperatures fall below the working parameters of the heating unit (55oF) at this point the unit shuts down and heating cannot be provided see 'notes'.

B: The minimum pool heating period accepted during the rental term is 3 days this allows for the heating unit to heat the water to acceptable temperatures and covers the costs associated with that initial temperature raising process.

C: Pool heating may be requested during the booking process or during the rental term on acceptance by the renter of the criteria in items a, b and e being met. On occasions where payment is received prior to arrival the pool heat will be provided from the arrival date unless a specific date is previously agreed with ‘us’. On occasions where pool heat is requested during a rental term the pool heat will be switched on as soon as is practicable, a daily rate will be charged from the date the pool heat is switched on for the number of days requested with payment in full being released from the security deposit.

D: If during the rental term a decision is made to turn off the pool heating either because of weather conditions see ‘notes’ below, by the renter, manager or owners the costs of pool heating incurred prior to the heater being switched off will be charged and a refund will be made for those days where no pool heating is provided.

E: On accepting the terms of provision of pool heat the renter accepts all responsibility for any fluctuations in pool heat temperatures due to prevailing weather conditions. In the event of the pool heater shutting down (see note: below) during cold spells in winter months and/or due to low air temperatures the pool water does not reach the pre-set temperature the owner will not be liable for any refunds.

Note: The pool heating unit is provided with an isolating switch, during spells where the outside air temperature drops below the pre-set low temp shut off point the heating unit will automatically turn off, this is a design feature to protect the unit from damage, no liability can be accepted by the owner in any eventuality where the heater unit protective device activates automatically and the unit shuts down.

8.2 Personal Liability: in the form of damage or loss to any personal property, possessions or any personal accident sustained by you, your party members or any visitors is solely the responsibility of those persons hereby mentioned. It is a condition of accepting your booking that you take out for yourself and for those for whom you register, recognised holiday insurance. 'We' therefore advise all guests to purchase comprehensive holiday insurance as cover for the full duration of their stay, no liability in any form in relation to the aforementioned lies with the villa owner or nominated management company acting on their behalf.

8.3 Villa security: You will be given a security access code prior to your arrival date this will be required to access the villa key box when you first arrive, the property key will be located within this box. The property key is your responsibility during your stay loss of this key will result in a charge being released from your security deposit for a replacement lock and keys plus fitting and administration charges.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure the villa is made secure, using the security measures provided, from unauthorised access by persons unknown at all times. Failure to comply or on notification of any intrusion, theft or otherwise resulting from carelessness or neglect of those security measures compensation will be made good from your security deposit along with an administration charge. If any loss or damage is in excess of the deposit amount an account settlement may be sent to the correspondence address and will be due for immediate payment by the said lead name.

8.4 Outdoor activities: Southern Dunes is a residential community its occupants consist of owner occupiers and vacation rentals. The estates are a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle and your compliance is required to maintain this serenity. Music, outdoor activities and games in and around the pool are encouraged however noise levels can unwittingly rise to unacceptable levels. Be mindful of your neighbours as loud noise can offend, also be aware there is a 9pm curfew for outdoor activities.

9 Cooking outdoors:

BBQ grills are not available in the villa and we do not allow guests to use any kind of BBQ during their stay.

10 ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE: The rental commences at 4PM (occupancy on or after this time) on the day of arrival and ceases at 10AM (property to be vacated on or before this time) on the day of departure with no exceptions this ensures that cleaners have sufficient time to prepare the property to the high standard require by our guests on arrival. Compliance with this item is a requirement of the rental agreement a charge will be made for non-compliance equal to 9.1 below.

10.1 Overstay charges: Arrivals and departures at times other than those stated in 9 above will result in a fee equivalent to one nights rental rate being deducted from security deposits, your co-operation is appreciated in this matter.

10.2 Exception: Overstay charges may be reduced or waived, in exceptional circumstances, if formal arrangements are agreed with us and confirmed in writing prior to your arrival/departure date.

11. EXTRAS: Cots and cot bedding can be provided however an additional charge will be levied for this facility.

11.1 Utilities: Electricity, service water, air conditioning and local sales taxes are included in the rental pool heating can be purchased at any time prior or during the rental period.

11.2 Telephones: are available for your use in the villa with local calls and national US calls being free of charge you will however require a pre-paid phone card for international calls.

11.3 WI FI Internet access: is available FREE for the duration of the rental period, a security code and pin are required for access both can be provided with your arrival pack on request.


12.1 Price promise: We will better any vacation rental quote for a similar standard home, this means an executive central Florida villa built in the last four years of like accommodation, with pool and furnished to comparable standards.

Send your best price and ‘URL’, e.g. www.example.com for the related property to us and subject to availability at time of request plus our acceptance of the related property as of a similar standard, we will better the price.

12.2 Tell a friend: We offer a ‘tell a friend and/or family’ discount this applies to any guests recommending Classic Florida Villa to their friends and/or family. On confirmation of booking and full balance being paid by your friend and/or family you will be entitled to a discount of £50 off your next 14 day stay at Classic Florida Villa.

12.3 Returning Guests: Our returning guests can expect a £50 discount for choosing Classic Florida Villa as your preferred villa rental.

12.4 Discounted rates: are subject to a confirmed booking being made within 7 days of any initial quote being offered, contact info@classicfloridavilla.co.uk for details.

13. CANCELLATIONS: The Contract exists on receipt of your deposit by us and all items in section 2 are satisfied. A cancellation can be submitted at any time, if within 7 days of your deposit being received by us you decide not to take up the booking offer, a full refund will be made for monies received at that time.

All cancellations must be confirmed in writing by the person who made the booking and it should be posted to us by recorded delivery. The date of receipt of this notice is accepted as the date of your cancellation.

All cancellations are subject to a charge payable by you to compensate us for our estimated losses and expenses which are calculated from the scale set out below:

13.1 Cancellation charges:

Initial period of 7 days from time of deposit payment - NO LOSS incurred

More than 8 weeks from arrival                       - Charge: Loss of deposit

More than 4 weeks from arrival                       - Charge: 50% of monies paid

2 to 4 Weeks from arrival             - Charge: 75% of all monies paid

Less than 2 weeks to arrival        - Charge: 100% of all monies paid

13.2 Amended booking arrangements: Any changes to a booking once the form has been received will incur an administration charge (charges vary according to the changes made and notice period given).

13.3 Unforeseen cancellations by the villa owner: In the unlikely event that we have to cancel or alter arrangements to your booking due to circumstances beyond our control we will endeavour to offer alternative dates or to find suitable alternative accommodation for your stay, should you choose to decline the alternatives offered, we will refund the actual monies paid to date in respect of your booking, in full. Refunds will be made payable to the lead name (indicated on the registration form).

13.4 Non-payment of funds: Cancellations for non-payment, incomplete final invoice payments or the non-provision of agreed security deposit amounts will render the booking null and void. In each case deposits will not be refunded and other paid amounts with reference to ‘cancellation charges’ above will be refunded with the appropriate charges for cancellation applied.

Note: No liability for any additional compensation in respect of the cancellation shall be levied nor accepted.

14 CONCERNS: If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the management team in the first instance and at your earliest opportunity. If your complaint is not resolved locally contact ‘us’ by telephone and/or email as soon as practicable this will enable us to rectify the situation and speed up our response to you. Failure to tell us at the appropriate time may affect our ability to investigate the complaint and could impact on the way your complaint is dealt with. We will endeavour to do everything within our power to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

NOTE: Compensation will only be considered in extreme cases where liability or any negligence on our behalf is proven to be solely our responsibility.

15 WEBSITE: All information contained in this website has been compiled for the benefit of potential and confirmed guests.

Necessary changes may occur after it has been published. For example a tennis court may be closed for maintenance, works beyond our control may be in progress, other properties may be empty or undergoing maintenance/refurbishment, etc. similarly Public Holidays may affect some services otherwise available. Regrettably these changes are beyond our control and we reserve the right to change any information before your booking is made with us. If a booking has already been made, at the time that we become aware of any changes we will inform you as soon as possible.

16 CHANGES TO TERMS: Notice is hereby given that these terms are not finite, alterations and/or changes to the items indicated may be introduced at the owner’s discretion as necessary and without prior notice or consultation dependant on the nature and circumstances determining any future operating commitments, constraints, observations and/or legal requirement.


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